Why Visit Congo : Most visit visitors ask themselves this same question when planning a trip to Africa for either adventure safari or just a vacation to relax. The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of Africa’s few left undiscovered gems due to little information known about it. This scares most potential travelers who eventually miss out on of the best tourist destinations on African continent.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with up to 905,355 square miles is the 2nd largest nation in Africa only beaten to the number spot by Algeria and among Africa’s most populated countries with an estimated 79 million people making it the fourth highest populated nation on the continent. Congo is located in the center of African continent, dissected by the equator and mighty Congo River. Congo has an interesting and rich history most times you can only learn about by visiting the country by yourself.

D.R. Congo boasts being one of the most blessed countries in the whole world in terms of natural resources. Its rich potential is limitless though due to political conflicts over the years, the country has not benefited greatly from its resources. Natural minerals like gold, tungsten, oil, copper, diamonds (it’s the 2nd leading producer of diamond in the whole world) are found in the country but it stands as one of Africa’s poorest countries. If properly utilized this can be one of the richest countries on earth.

Why Visit Congo?

As opposed to most misleading information about D.R. Congo, the country in reality is one of the best tourism destinations if you give it the chance and visit it yourself. This brings us to why someone should visit D.R. Congo.

Reasons why one must visit D.R. Congo.

Mountain gorilla trekking.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a blessed destination where one can encounter three rare mountain species with two of them almost endemic to the forests of Congo. The chief and most notable of these species are mountain gorillas. The species which is critically endangered can only be found in three places on earth with Congo being among them. An encounter with a group of these glorious creatures is an adventure defined as one of the unique and ideal moments anyone should experience before they die.

gorilla trekking in congo

The endangered mountain gorillas are found in Virunga national park in eastern region of the country and is one of the hotspots for tourism on the continent. Congo is ideal for gorilla trekking as it’s the cheapest gorilla destination as compared to Rwanda and Uganda which charge 1500$ and 700 us dollars respectively as opposed to Congo’s 400 us dollars for a single gorilla trekking permit. The other two rare species are eastern lowland gorillas and the Okapi, a type of giraffe that found refuge in Congo’s lush jungles.

Largest lava lake encounter.

In addition to mountain gorillas, the Virunga national park holds one of the world’s esteemed attractions on top of Mount. Nyiragongo. The volcano is recognized among the most active volcanos in the world with recent activity in May 2021 and has one of the world’s amazing features on it summit. At 3,470 meters persevering guests who manage to out maneuver its treacherous slopes are rewarded with an astonishing view of world’s biggest lava lake. The view gets better as dusk draws and the boiling lake casts a rich red glow on the sky a spectacle to behold by yourself.

In addition to these two, D.R. Congo is home to a number of other attractions to relish in this almost virgin destination. Only a few brave and intrepid travelers get to choose D.R. Congo over other tourism destinations. D.R. Congo has kept most of its culture intact even with years of western colonization. This has led to splendid culture experiences offered from delicious cuisine, unmatched music and way of life in the country.

D.R. Congo is home to other attractions like Kahuzi Biega national park, Tchegera Island and Rwenzori mountains that leave you mind blown after visiting them.

Take the step and visit Congo to make new discoveries and change all the previous misinformation you heard about it being a mediocre and dangerous place. This comes with the advantage of being able to visit Congo at any time of the year due to its awesome climate and landscape.

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