Why Hire a Car with a Driver in Uganda; A somewhat small country packed with amazing attractions from the wildlife, landscape, and culture to the warm weather, Uganda is a gem. Besides these attractions, Uganda is a booming East African country with various business, agriculture and mining activities which are playing a big role to its socio-economic development. No matter your travel purposes, Uganda is a safe and awesome place to visit. However, the experience of exploring this safari destination on self drive is different from that when you hire a car with a professional driver. You can rent a car and an experienced driver for wildlife safari, gorilla trekking safari, city tour or business trips in Uganda, then get to every corner with ease.

In this article, we highlight the reasons why we recommend travelers to hire a car with a driver in Uganda;

Insightful travel

Our safari guides have travelled around Uganda and across the East African region over and again, and they are well versed with the routes plus have good knowledge about the tourist attractions. Unlike on self drive where you could get to an attraction search for online information about it, traveling with a local guide allows you get first hand detailed information. They make sure you also learn about things or situations of interest that you may come across unexpectedly.

Route knowledge

Thanks to technology advancement which has made self drive easier with Google maps and GPS that help travelers on a new route to plan for their trips by knowing the travel distance and estimated time before traveling and also find their way while on the road. But remember that these apps and gadgets are not as accurate as a local driver who perfectly knows the routes and alternatives in case of uncertainties. They have also mastered the art of the road so they are aware of the location of humps or potholes which is crucial when travelling in the evening, early morning or amidst rain.

Safety and security

To most travelers, this is the basic reason they want to travel with a local driver. Even if Uganda is a safe place to travel, they feel more safer with a person who is familiar with areas they are visiting and can be there to ensure that they face no harm from either the locals or wildlife. And indeed, your hired driver guide is more like a bodyguard; he guards you from any dangerous people like robbers and fraudsters. They advise on where to go and places to avoid for security purposes. While in wildlife reserves, they will limit your movement to specific areas unless in the vehicle or with company.

Car choice

There are rental cars that are hired for self drive in Uganda and those that are only available for rent with a driver. Therefore, depending on the travel purpose for your trip and the car required, you might have to hire a local driver. Safari cars such as the extended land cruiser, super custom, and safari van are hired with a driver and these are mostly suitable for wildlife tours in nature reserves.

Are you planning to travel around Uganda soon and want to book a car and driver for your trip? Feel free to get in touch with us through our email: info@ugandagorillatrekkingtrips.com or call us on +256-772455610 to speak to the reservations team.

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