When to Visit Uganda

When to Visit Uganda : Uganda, the pearl of Africa stands out as one of Africa’s best tourism destinations and receives great numbers of visitors each year lured by her rich tourism diversity. Uganda is a gorgeous landlocked country found in the eastern part of Africa sharing borders with other great safari destinations like Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. It’s one of the few countries crossed by the equator which has further boosted its tourism potential by creating conducive environment for a variety of flora, wildlife and bird species.

The country is as well richly blessed with variety of attractions in form of picturesque landscapes, warm and friendly people, volcanic and Block Mountains and stunning culture. This in turn generates several exhilarating activities that guests can enjoy on any Uganda safari.

Top tourist attractions in Uganda.

Mountain gorillas.

Uganda is one of the few blessed destinations where one can meet the endangered mountain gorillas. These magnificent creatures are only found in three places, the other two being the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Gorillas in Uganda are found in the south-western wing of the country, in the Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga national parks.


The pearl of Africa is lucky that it harbors more than half of the surviving population of mountain gorillas in the world which makes it a hotspot for very many tourists.

Murchison Falls National Park.

Listed as Uganda’s biggest national park, this amazing destination holds one of the world’s greatest wonders in Murchison falls. The falls are found on the mighty river Nile on a spot where the Nile forces its way through a seven-meter gorge.

This phenomenon results in a spectacle that has made the falls to be recognized as the strongest waterfall in the whole world. Countless visitors are drawn to Murchison falls national park to behold the greatness of these falls.

murchison falls national park

Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Named after the Queen of England, Elizabeth II when she visited the park in 1952, this is Uganda’s most visited attraction. The park is found in the heart of western Uganda and boasts one of the biggest lion prides in Africa and only place that inhabits the rare tree climbing lions in Uganda and second to Lake Manyara national park in Tanzania. The park is the sole provider of lion trekking experiences among all of Uganda’s national parks. All these experiences can be enjoyed when you book a safari to the park.

queen elizabeth national park

Jinja adventure city.

Found in the eastern region of Uganda, the city is a true definition of adventure. Starting with the source of R. Nile, several adrenaline-inducing activities have been created to satisfy the super adventurous guests. These range from the superb bungee jumping adventure, second to only the Victoria Falls in Africa, white water rafting, quad biking, and Nile tubing. These awesome activities have earned the city the title of being East Africa’s adventure city.

jinja city

Rich Ugandan Culture.

The pearl of Africa is recognized worldwide as one of the best destinations with an interesting and rich culture. With over 56 different ethnic tribes, each with almost a different culture and language, this makes Uganda one of the destinations to explore for its cultural diversity and rich history. Also, the country is known for its hospitability and friendliness portrayed by its people all over the country.

Some of the best tourist activities in Uganda.

Gorilla trekking.

This is the country’s leading tourist activity. With Uganda being only the third destination where you can do this, several visitors are lured to the Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks to partake in this wonderful experience. Encountering the gorillas in their natural habitat is defined as one of the golden memories anyone can do while on earth.

Wildlife safaris.

Due to the country’s rich biodiversity in fauna and flora, Uganda is one of the best safari destinations on the African continent. Different mammals, reptiles and bird species can be found only on a Ugandan safari. These include Africa’s big five mammals – lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, and buffalo. While Kidepo national park inhabits the largest buffalo herd as well as being approved as one of the few unexplored and virgin wilderness in the world.

When to visit Uganda?

The pearl of Africa is a well-known all-year tourism destination. Being astride the equator, the country is blessed with a balanced and conducive climate for tourism activities the whole year. The months of June to late September are best recommended for travel as there is less rain to disrupt your sessions and animal viewing is at its best.

The low season is also ideal for many visitors as it comes with great offers and discounts on accommodation, permits and also lesser crowds. During this time the vegetation is greener and lush and suggested as the best time for bird watching. This makes any time of the year a good time to visit Uganda.

Visit Uganda and get a chance to relish some of the above and more attractions and activities on your next safari in Uganda.

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