Wellness with travel, “a better self through tours” is a space, aiming at providing coach sessions to individuals while visiting the different destinations in Uganda. The concept looks at aiding improvements in the various life aspects.


“A better self through travel”


  • Improve the personal growth of individuals through life coaching and mentorship in areas of work, finances, career, business, and relationships
  • To promote the re-visit of the various tourism destinations in Uganda
  • To promote domestic tourism.

 Areas of Focus

  • Life balance
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Mental health


Wellness with travel initiative looks at helping individuals bounce back better in their personal growth, finance management, relationships and other aspects of life through;

  • Retreats
  • Life coaching
  • Mentorship
  • Music and arts

Fused with touring the various destinations in Uganda.

The concept of wellness with travel was derived from the type of tourism termed; wellness tourism.

Wellness tourism is defined as the type of travel where individuals travel for the purposes of wellbeing and health.

There are two major types of wellness travelers include:

  1. Primary wellness travelers.

These are individuals that travel and take trips for wellness.

  1. Secondary wellness travelers

These individuals maintain wellness at any kind of travel trip.

Wellness with travel majorly focuses on the primary wellness travelers. That travel with the purpose of wellness.

We look at visiting the various destinations of Uganda and participating in various tourism activities. But with a wellness concept at each trip.

Wellness with travel initiative looks at incorporating tours with personal growth wellness activities and sessions.

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