The Uganda equator is of one Uganda’s tourist landmarks enjoyed by most tourists. The equator landmark structured in Kayabwe is a famous stopover by many travelers, heading to the Uganda western circuit for ultimate Uganda tours.

The equator is an imaginary latitude line at 0 degrees. It divides the earth into the southern and northern hemispheres. With its imaginary line. The equator runs up to 40075km in circumference, covering about 2 territories. That includes countries, lakes, and oceans.

Uganda ranks 6th in the equator line with co-ordinations of 0 0 N, 2943 E. The major water bodies crossed by the Equator in Uganda include Lake Victoria, Lake George, and lake Katanga. At Lake Victoria, the equator is at coordinates 00North and 32.23 East.

The Equator landmark in Uganda is used as a major stopover point for tourists, traveling to the western Uganda circuit. The major western final destinations from the Uganda equator landmark include. A visit to Queen Elizabeth national park, and Lake Mburo national park for wildlife viewing, gorilla trekking in Mgahinga national park, and Bwindi impenetrable national park, hiking of the Rwenzori ranger of primate encounters in Kibale national park.  All these destinations make up the western destination circuit.

A white two-sided structure was constructed at Kayabwe. Representing the Southern and Northern hemispheres of the earth.  Standing at this landmark gives Vistors a physical insight into standing at the two hemispheres on the earth at once.

Photography is one of the major activities at the Uganda Equator. Visitors take numerous pauses from the sight, while hanging, laying, or any kind of the pause from Equator point.   Taking pictures with the Uganda equator spot is a great way to keep memories on an Uganda tour.

Craft shopping is another fun activity to engage in while at the Uganda equator. There are a number of craft shops that sell different authentic African craft materials that include African attires, wall frames, decoration materials, and more. These can be used as good souvenirs from the pearl of Africa, for family and friends of travelers.

The water experiment is a fascinating activity. That amazes most visitors of the place. This water experiment proves that the earth is divided into the southern and northern hemispheres using the Coriolis water effect for the water experiment.

The local guide uses three yellow basins with a hole, water, and a white flower. One basin demonstrates the northern hemisphere where the water swirls anti-clockwise. In the southern hemisphere, basins show water draining in clockwise. And vertical when the basin is placed at the equator.

This fun water experiment is a major highlight for Vistors of the Uganda equator.  To immerse into an interesting science experiment.

How to get to the Uganda equator.

The Uganda equator is located in Kayabwe, alongside the Masaka Mbarara highway. A road transfer from Kampala to Kayabwe is preferably the easiest way to reach the Uganda equator. It takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the equator, driving a distance of 78.9km.

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