The batwa culture in Uganda : These are the indigenous people who settled and lived in the forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga before they were gazetted into national parks in 1991. They basically fed on wild fruits and small games like warthogs, birds, cane rats, and birds. Before going to hunt, they had to recite prayers to their god to get blessings and it was the elders that would go to pray, and the young ones were not allowed to pray or ask anything about gods.  They used grass, tree leaves, and animal skins to cover themselves. In hunting, they used arrows and bows to hunt down wild animals.

The batwa culture in Uganda

As their saying goes’’ A mutwa loves the forest as he loves his body’’, the Batwa people are believed to have protected the forests and they never carried out deforestation. They made small bags from animal skins called obukokyo which they used to keep some stuff. They used local herbs to cure themselves of different diseases like malaria, headache, back pain, and other health-related issues. Omutwa (singular) used to smear animal dang to prevent himself from sunburn. Batwa tribe is alleged to be the poorest tribe and also with the lowest population of about 60,000 people remaining. The average height of the Batwa is 1.5 meters. They made fire by rubbing small sticks together, this fire was used for protection by scaring away wild animals, used for roasting meat, and also to generate warmth. They had three forms of houses and these were; Caves, Ichuro and Omurimbo. Ichuro was mainly for resting and storing food like roasted meat, honey, beans, sorghum, and fruits. The Caves and Omurimbo were entirely for resting.

If you happen to trek gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park or Mgahinga National park, you will get a chance of doing batwa cultural tour or batwa cultural experience and learn more about their culture.

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