Rwanda Visa : The Republic of Rwanda is an iconic East African tourism destination with increasing numbers of guests flying in to explore throughout the whole year. These people fly in to partake in various amazing activities and attractions that the land of a thousand hills possesses. These range from the magnificent but endangered mountain gorillas, unique game drives, beautiful culture and people, mysterious forests among others.

Rwanda is one of three countries where travelers can meet endangered mountain gorilla species in their natural environment. The mountain gorillas are estimated to be less than 1500 in the world and Volcanoes national park offers the best gorilla trekking experience in east Africa. This sees many travelers opting for Rwanda to achieve their dream of meeting mountain gorillas one on one in the wild.

However, for this to happen a few requirements are needed to access Rwanda with an important one being a visa. Any visitor requires a visa to be permitted entry into Rwanda. This is issued by the government and a few requirements needed for one to qualify for a visa into this beautiful country.

Requirements to obtain A Rwanda visa.

Different items are needed to secure the respective Rwanda visa but the major items that are cut across are passports with validity of up to six months from the time of arrival in the country and the vaccination certificate. Previously the attention was on yellow fever card but recently the covid-19 certificate is also very important. Travelers are expected to present a negative result. However, the application process may differ depending on the type of visa one is applying for.

Types of visas in Rwanda.                                        

Several visas are available to different guests visiting this country. These include 30-day tourist visas which are free and acquired on arrival for guests arriving from countries in the African Union, Commonwealth and the Francophonie member states. Other visas available are the East African Tourist Visa which is acceptable in Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.

Most Rwanda visas have validity of 90 days but there is an option of being extended or renewed before they expire. Visitors can apply and obtain Rwanda visas before their departure or by using the online application with options to either pay online or on arrival in the country. Alternatively, visa applications can be performed at any Rwanda Diplomatic Missions of the visitor’s home country.

Guests interested in extending their visas should submit their desire to do so in an application at the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration offices. More information on each type of visa can be found in their respective Rwanda’s embassies in their home country. Travelers are reminded again that visa extension applications must be done before the old visa expires.

Cost of Rwanda visas.

Rwanda visa rates often change from time to time but are usually below $100. Visitors applying for a single access tourist visa are charged US $50. Exclusions are available for a few countries and their validity lasts for 30 days. Single entry visas for conferences go for US $30 and last for 30 days while multiple-entry business visas are charged US $50 valid for a full year.

East African Tourist Visa that works in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya goes for US $100 and runs for 90 days. Visa rates are controlled by the Rwandan government and are liable to change when it deems necessary. The amount paid for a visa does not cover custom fees charged by the Rwandan government, expenses of posting and processing among others.

What does a Rwanda tourist visa give you access to?

A Rwanda tourist visa offers you a chance to choose from a pool of interesting activities that you are interested in. These are led by mountain gorilla trekking (Rwanda boasts best gorilla trekking adventures in the region and these are enjoyed in Volcanoes national park), chimpanzee trekking, amazing culture experiences, rare game drives and some of the best recreation points in the East African region.

Rwanda has earned itself reputation as a great African destination from its rich natural attractions to the hard work and consistency they have invested in the tourism sector. Secure a Rwanda visa for yourself to explore the land of a thousand hills and discover numerous treasures that can be found in this vibrant country.

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