Rwanda Gorilla Permits : The Republic of Rwanda is one of Africa’s hotspots for tourism over the past decades, and likely to be continue in the future. Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in the world found in the East African region. The country is a great tourism destination due to its amazing flora and fauna diversity, beautiful cultures and most importantly being a refuge for the endangered mountain gorillas. The latter helps attract many visitors from all over the country to encounter this stunning small Africa.

Rwanda is one of only three countries where travelers can experience the golden feeling of meeting one – one with mountain gorillas in their natural homes. Meeting gorillas in a zoo is exciting but can never be compared to the feeling you get facing one of these magnificent beasts in their natural habitats deep in the dense African rainforests. This moment has been defined by many as the most memorable and perhaps life-changing experience they have witnessed in their travels.

rwanda gorilla permits

A system has been implemented to manage the number of visitors looking forward to encountering these amazing beasts. This is to keep them in their wild state as much as possible and also to improve their recovery from being nearly extinct. The system looks at a certain criterion of restricting visitors from getting permitted to meet the mountain gorillas. This for instance looks at the age with guests below 15 years of age not permitted to meet gorillas. It further looks at the individual health of each guest.

A guest who is suffering from contagious diseases, such as flu or cough is not allowed to meet the gorillas as they are also susceptible to contracting such diseases and can be fatal for them. This is because mountain gorillas share over 97 percent of their DNA with humans and can easily get similar diseases. Guests who pass the health check are then permitted to track gorillas in their habitat which is characterized by dense bamboo and lush rainforest.

The permit accommodates 8 individuals and maximum of one hour of direct contact with a particular gorilla family. Gorilla families can be only visited once a day to reduce much contact with humans & give them time to recover from the experience. This makes gorilla trekking a very competitive activity and therefore permits expensive as compared to other African adventures like game drives or cultural experiences.

This necessitates much earlier planning to avoid disappointments associated with last minute bookings. Each country has its own gorilla tariffs; DR Congo being the cheapest at $400 per permit, followed by Uganda at $700 and Rwanda at $1500 and therefore the most expensive.

Why Rwanda gorilla permits are the most expensive?

Rwanda has the most expensive of all gorilla trekking permits at $1500 and this is rightly justified in the service the country offers its guests compared to the counterparts. The country offers high-class accommodation, best auxiliary services like transport, banking, comfortability to make the guest feel at home away from home which is a step ahead of Uganda and Congo. Guests are guaranteed the best gorilla trekking in Africa’s leading gorilla trekking destination to realize maximum value for their money.

Rwanda gorilla families.

Rwanda has 12 habituated gorilla families residing in its Volcanoes National Park. Some of these groups are open to the public for visiting while a few groups were habituated mainly for research purposes. The gorilla families usually comprise at least one silverback, several females and juveniles, and babies. Rwanda gorilla families include Agashya, Susa, Umubano, Geisha, Kwitonda, Sabyinyo, Amahoro, Karisimbi, Hirwa, Muhoza, Ugyenda and Bwenge.

Around 10 percent of the permit fees are given back to neighboring local communities, to build health centers, schools and roads. There is a system that aims at compensating local farmers in case any gorilla damages their crops. This helps to ensure a peaceful co-existence between the local people and mountain gorilla families.

Rwanda over the years has successfully stood out as the leading country for luxury gorilla trekking experiences in East Africa. Recent discounts on gorilla permits are being offered as incentives to boost Rwanda’s tourism.

Book a Rwanda gorilla permit and position yourself to meet the amazing mountain gorillas within the land of a thousand hills.

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