Mountain sabyinyo is an extinct volcano part of the Virunga ranges of East Africa in the Albertine Rift. This mountain is the oldest among the eight volcanoes. And it is recorded to have its eruption in the Pleistocene period which is about 2 million years ago.

The mountain is the only volcano among the Virunga ranges, that is shared by all these countries. Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic republic of Congo.  Its summit stands at the elevation of 3669 meters, with a surprising fact, that it is shared in all these three countries.

Mountain Sabyinyo is strategically located in three national parks of the three countries. Offering lifetime safari expeditions when visiting these destinations. In Uganda, mountain Sabyinyo is located in Mgahinga national park. In the far southwest region of Uganda.  On the side of Rwanda, the mountain sabyinyo is located in Volcanoes national park, northwest of Kigali. For D.R congo, the mountain is found in Virunga national park.

The mountain is one of the exceptional attractions located in the Virunga ranges with a rewarding hike to the breathing summit of the mountain.  This is Coupled with various attractions and fascinating activities that make the hike and visit of mountain Sabyinyo worth on an African safari.

The slopes of the mountain  Sabyinyo are richly endowed with beautiful flora and fauna. The mountain is best explored on a hiking safari.  Where hikers get to fully experience the beauty of the park from the roots to the beautiful summit.

Unfortunately, mountain Sabyinyo is only hiked on the Ugandan side in Mgahinga national park. This is because of the stiff and tough trails on the other side of Virunga national park and Volcanoes national park of Rwanda.

Hiking mountain Sabyinyo is an exceptional experience on a Uganda hiking safari. The rewarding view from the climax peak, which gives a 360oc view of the Virunga ranges is unmatched by any other mountaineering experience.

Hiking mountain sabyinyo takes approximately 8 hours, all-round descending and ascending.  Hikers begin with a short briefing about the hiking experience at the park’s headquarters of Mgahinga national park. A ranger gives guides lines to follow while hiking mountain sabyinyo.

A pair of the walking stick is made available for the hikers to use while hiking mountain sabyinyo. Hikers with huge luggage, are offered with assistance  by posters to help out to carry the luggage while trekking.

The slopes of Mountain Sabyinyo are steep on the Ugandan side though manageable by the physically fit hikers.  A section of ladders was put on the sides of the mountain to help reach the summit of the mountain.

To hike mountain Sabyinyo, hikers pay for this activity at the headquarters. Hiking permits at Mgahinga national park cost $80 for the foreign nonresidents, $70 for the foreign residents, and 50,000ugx for the East African residents. These permits are available for one person per hike.

Besides hiking mountain Sabyinyo, gorilla trekking is another exciting activity to enjoy along side the mountaineering experience. The slopes of mountain sabyinyo harbor the endangered gorilla apes. These can be witnessed with the gorilla trekking process at either side of the mountain in Uganda, Rwanda, and D.R. Congo.

Hiking through the trials of the mountain in search of the gorilla’s species is an exceptional experience. Trekkers get a chance to see the gentle apes on the mountain slopes, feeding, resting, playing, and more.

Gorilla trekking permits cost $700 for the foreign nonresidents, $600 for the foreign residents, and 250,000ugx for the East African residents.  These prices are for trekkers on the Ugandan side in Mgahinga national park. For visitors interested in trekking the gorillas of the Rwandan side. Gorilla trekking permits go for $1500 for all visitors. In Virunga national park, the gorilla permits cost $400. Which is the cheapest among all countries.

The slopes of mountain are as well home to the golden monkey species in Uganda and  Rwanda. These are endangered old monkey species that love to live in bamboo vegetation. Golden monkey trekking is another activity to enjoy around the mountain.

Golden monkey tracking is different from gorilla trekking as it takes only two hours to find a group of golden monkeys. Only an hour encounter is allowed in the presence of the monkeys. Golden monkey trekking in Uganda costs $60 for both the foreign residents and nonforeign residents and 40,00 ugx for the East African citizen.

On a mountaineering adventure in the pearl, mountain Sabyinyo is a must add on a travelers do to list. Book an exceptional sabyinyo experience with Dolphin tours and travel. For a memorable mountain experience.

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