Mountain muhabura sometimes referred to as mountain muhavura is among the Virunga ranges in East Africa.  The mountain is one of the charming attractions to encounter on a hiking safari.

Mountain Muhabura is an inactive volcano that makes up part of the eight Virunga ranges. This mountain sets as the third-highest, among the mountain ranges with a standing height of 4127 meters. Mountain muhavura is shared by the borders of Uganda and Rwanda.

On the Uganda side, mountain muhabura is found within Mgahinga national park. And in volcanoes national park in the northwest region of Rwanda.

Mountain muhavura derived its name from a Bafumbira word that means “the guide”. Muhavura translates to the Kinyarwanda language to mean “sentinel”.  The far corn-like shape of the mountain makes it a unique attraction among other mountains to see on any safari journey.

Hiking mountain muhabura is a famous fascinating activity, to enjoy when visiting the mountain. Hiking mountain muhabura has been recorded as one of the most rewarding activities. The breathtaking view from the summit spans over the beautiful plains and vegetation on both the Ugandan and Rwanda side. Together with the rewarding view, its crater lake is located just a few meters from the summit.

The hiking experience takes hikers through the rugged, muddy, thrashed, and slippery trail of mountain Muhabura.  A number of flora species can be spotted on the way, together with bird and wildlife species.

Hiking mountain Muhavura takes about 6 – 7 hours depending on the physical fitness of the hiker. This mountain is regarded as the steepest among the other Virunga mountain. Most hikers, don’t reach their summit. It is the second-highest mountain in Rwanda, following mountain Karismbi at the height of 4507 meters.

The mountaineering experience begins as early as 7:00 at the headquarters. Both in Uganda and Rwanda. Hiking starts off at Ntebeko center in Mgahinga national park, and at Kanigi in Volcanoes national park. A ranger guide is always at the lead of the hikers’ group. With available posters for booking. To help out with the heavy luggage.

The mountain has two stopping and relaxing points for its hikers. First at height 3116 meters and the next at 3885 meters, where they proceed to 4127 meters which is the highest point of the mountain at the summit.

Hiking mountain Muhabura takes just one day, ascending and descending.  The summit offers beautiful views of its crater lake and sight of the  other five Virunga mountains.

Hiking permits in Uganda cost $80 for the foreign nonresidents, $70 for the foreign residents, and 50,000ugx for the East African citizens. In Rwanda, hiking permits for Mountain Muhabura cost $100 for the foreign visitors, $75 for the foreign residents and 5000RWF.

Besides hiking mountain Muhabura, visitors can engage and enjoy other activities in the national park, where the mountain sits.

Gorilla trekking is a sought out activity not to miss. Encountering the giant apes is an exceptional experience for all primate lovers. Mountain gorillas are located in both Mgahinga national park and volcanoes national park.  This activity can take from 2 to a whole day journey as its involves trekking into a thick forest. Gorilla trekking can be included on hiking safari that includes hiking and visiting Muhabura national park.

Other activities include golden monkey trekking, birding safaris, cultural encounters to mention but a few.

Visiting Mountain Muhabura is available whole year-round. But the best visits would be during the dry seasons. When are trails and slopes of the mountain are less slippery to hike through.?

Mountain Muhabura can be accessed through the national parks, where it is located. In Uganda, a road transfer from Kampala to the park takes about 8-9 hours. In Kigali, the road transfer from Kigali to Musanze takes about 2 hours to reach volcanoes national park.

The beauty and lifetime experience from a visit and hike of mountain Muhabura is an adventure to dare out for your next safari expedition. Book with us and explore the magnificent Mountain Muhabura.

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