The beauty of the pearl goes beyond the beautiful wildlife, culture, and hospital communities. Together with  the amazing landscapes  that are made up of various physical features such as lakes, rivers, mountains, and more. All these and more make Uganda  a true nature destination. With over 10 lakes in the pearl, Lake Mulehe is one of the   the water attractions, with vast beauty worth exploring.

Lake Mulehe is a crater lake in southwestern Uganda in the Kisoro district. The lake neighbor’s lake Mutanda to the west and it is in between Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

The calm and soothing waters of the lake offer Uganda’s most relaxing and fresh feel to all its visitors. Together with enabling, a  number of interesting activities.

Activities on Lake Mulehe

With the fact that Lake Mulehe is a freshwater lake. This lake is home to a number of indigenous fish species. The local fishermen around the lake take advantage of these species, through fishing. Spot fishing on Lake Mulehe is an exciting activity for fish lovers.

Joining a group of local fishermen in the fishing activity can be a rewarding experience. For Visitors interested in fishing around Lake Mulehe in the local boats, they are advised to carry their own personal fishing gear.

A boat ride along the lake  is another fascinating activity to engage in.  This boat ride  rewards view of the surrounding farm terraces and the amazing landscapes of Kisoro and local communities. A boat ride along Lake Mulehe can be organized with the local boat operators to enjoy this experience.

Cycling adventures in the surrounding communities of the lake rewards a full cultural and  local encounter with the local tribes that are near the Lake. A group of cycling tourists with the lead of a guide leads into the local homesteads of the local people. With an interesting reveal of how these people live their day-to-day lives through local interactions.  This is another way to immerse in the culture of the local people.

Away from the lake, a number of activities can be enjoyed by visitors. These activities are majorly found in the different national parks that lake neighbors.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national and Mgahinga national park is one of the highlight encounters on an Uganda tour.  For visitors connecting to Bwindi impenetrable national, trekking of the gentle giants can be done in Rushaga, the southern sector of Bwindi.

Well, for the Mgahinga national park, only the Nyakagezi gorilla family is available for trekking.

Golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga national park can as well be enjoyed from Lake Mulehe. With just a few km drive to the park. Visitors can encounter the endangered old monkey species. Golden monkey tracking in he bamboo forest of the park offers a memorable primate experience. The trackers get a chance to see this primate eating, playing, and living about in the forest.

Other primate species such as the blue monkeys, Vervet monkeys, and more can as well be encountered while tracking in the golden monkeys.

Traveling from the lake  gives an easier and short access to these primate destinations. For easy tracking of the various primates

A visit to the Batwa community is another way to entice the whole lake experience. These are the first inhabitants of the primate national park with the mountain gorillas of Uganda. A Batwa community is a group of the indigenous pygmy community outside Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park.

Visitors get to immerse in the traditions of the pygmy community.  These involve an inciting tradition dance performance. Showing off the ancient hunting and fruit gathering practices, and more.

Mountaineering in Mgahinga national park can as well be enjoyed with a visit to Lake Mulehe. This national park is hosts three volcanic mountains that are part of the Virunga ranges. Hiking of mountain Gahinga, mountain Muhavura, and mountain Sabyinyo is a rewarding activity for every hiking lovers not to miss out on an Uganda hiking safari.

Accommodation at Lake Mulehe

Lake Mulehe safari lodge

This is one of the luxury accommodation facilities located at the shores near Lake Mulehe. This lodge has about 12 well-established cottages for the guests. It is located in mucha, 25km away from Mgahinga national park,20k from Bwindi impenetrable national park, and 20km from the Kyanika border for tourists that may want to access the lodge from Rwanda.

Lake Mulehe gorilla lodge

This lodge makes up the few lodging facilities perched at Lake Mulehe. The lodge is well established with 14 en suite rooms with strategically located balconies. With a rewarding view of the lake and the Virunga massif.

Getting there

Depending on the location and transport preference of the visitors. Lake Mulehe can either be accessed with a road transfer or an air transfer using the Kihihi air stripe.

From Kampala using a road transfer, the lake can be accessed within 8 to 9 hours, traveling a distance of 477.9 km using the Masaka Mbarara highway.

The lake can as well be accessed from Mgahinga national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park, or from Rwanda.

Lake Mulehe is a hidden Ugandan gem, worth exploring on a Uganda safari.

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