Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise; Describing Kazinga channel as beautiful is an understatement! The 32-kilometer long water way is more than just fascinating. It is a fresh water channel in Queen Elizabeth national park collecting its water from Lake George, meandering through the park and pouring it in Lake Edward which is shared between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kazinga channel is renowned for wonderful boat cruise experiences due to its amazing wildlife concentration including hippos, crocodiles, monitor lizards, birds and buffaloes. Elephants often visit the channel during the dry season to drink and cool their bodies. On lucky days, a leopard, lion or forest hog can be sighted at the channel. A Uganda safari to Queen Elizabeth national park without the Kazinga channel boat cruise would be considered incomplete.

The launch trip is an impressive experience for bird lovers as the shores and fish attract an array of birdlife. It is possible to catch up the boat cruise after a transfer from nearby destinations like Kibale, Rwenzori and Semuliki national parks.

Attractions at Kazinga channel

While cruising on Kazinga channel, there is quite a lot of things that will keep your eyes busy, from the wildlife to the landscape. Here are the highlights of things to see while on the Kazinga channel boat cruise;


Kazinga channel is among the top three areas with the highest hippo concentration in the world and these large mammals can be seen throughout the trip. Other mammals we expect to see at the channel include elephants, buffaloes, warthogs and waterbuck. Leopards are occasionally sighted especially in the acacia trees, meters away from the waterway.


According to facts from the guides at Queen Elizabeth national park, the population of crocodiles in Kazinga channel has been increasing over the years as more and more individual crocs are seen relaxing at the shores. Other reptiles seen at the channel include the monitor lizards.


Bird species commonly seen around Kazinga channel include pied kingfishers which could go further to visit you on the boat, African fish eagle, African spoonbill, little egret, white egret, greater egret, pink and white backed pelicans, long tailed cormorants, marabou stork, hadada ibis and hammerkop among others.


Tourists get aboard the boat at the jetty located in the valley of the channel. As you start the trip, you will enjoy views of Mweya safari lodge and Tembo restaurant on Mweya peninsular and the thick greenery vegetation on the slopes where elephants are sometimes seen feeding.

Fishing village

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a biosphere reserve with over 5 villages. Most of these do fishing as the major economic activity. As you get closer to your turning point of the trip, you will watch people go on with their daily life at Kazinga fishing village including fishermen preparing their nets. It surprises how people here survive along with wild animals in the proximity but that’s the life in the park.

Lake Edward

Before returning to the jetty, you will see where Kazinga channel meets Lake Edward. The late afternoon boat cruise allows you to see fishermen in their wooden boats setting off from Kazinga to Lake Edward for duty (fishing). It is a large water body shared between Uganda and the DRC.

Best time for boat cruise on Kazinga channel

The best time to visit Kazinga channel for a boat cruise depends on your wildlife interests; for those interested in seeing mammals, the dry season is the best because many animals gather at the shores to drink and cool their bodies. For birding enthusiasts, birds are present all year round but more species including migratory birds are seen in November to April and January to February.

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