A Tour to Jinja City

Jinja, a wonderfully gifted town in the eastern part of Uganda has attracted adventure lovers for decades. The city was once the biggest industrial area and the ancient buildings still stand out up to date. It is one of the places that were mostly settled in by missionaries and other foreigners in Uganda and is the reason for several monuments.

Renowned across the world for the source of the Nile, Jinja town offers more than just this. It has lately become an exciting place for fun-filled events including the Nyege Nyege festival which attracts thousands from different parts of the world alongside local group tours that take place throughout the year.

Jinja is situated approximately 85km from Kampala and can be accessed by the Kampala-Jinja highway through the popular towns of Mukono and Lugazi. Interesting places for stopovers while traveling to Jinja include Sezibwa falls and Mabira forest.

Jinja got its name from the local word “ejinja” which translates as “stone”. The name came as a result of the many huge stones in the area hence named a place of many stones. Apart from industrialization, other activities carried out in Jinja include farming and fishing.

Tourist Attractions in Jinja

Jinja is a prominent tourist destination because of its interesting attractions. With an amazing natural setting, Jinja has the most exciting things to do in Africa and this led to the birth of its nickname; “The Adventure capital of East Africa”. While in Jinja, here are the top things you can see;

The source of the Nile

The world’s longest river- River Nile starts its journey in Jinja where it pours out of Lake Victoria northwards through Murchison falls national park to the Mediterranean Sea. To access the source of the Nile, all you need to do is to book a Jinja tour and go on a boat cruise that takes you to the destination. The trip features scenic viewing of the islands and other surrounding environments.

Just after the exit of the Nile from Lake Victoria, there are wonderful rapids graded from one (1) to five (5). They make the wildest and most fun place for whitewater rafting. Other water sports activities to do around this part of Jinja include kayaking, jet boating, tubing the Nile, and more. A tour to the source of the Nile offers an opportunity to visit the Mahatma Gandhi memorial site and the crafts area where you can grab yourself a souvenir.

Itanda falls

After a dam and power station had been constructed at Bujagali falls, they interrupted the environment for the adventures and this increased popularity of Itanda falls. The rustic site has powerful falls and is highly loved by rafters and kayakers as it gives them an unmatched experience.

Itanda falls is also a perfect place for picnics, bird watching, and relaxation while enjoying the fresh breath and cool breeze.

Kyabirwa village

This is a very important village in Jinja where terrain adventures are conducted. It offers remarkable experiences for tourists interested in activities like quad bike riding.



Lake Victoria on the Jinja side is home to beautiful islands including Samuka and Ndaiga Islands among others. The popular and easy-to-reach island for tourism purposes is Samuka Island where travelers enjoy nature walks and birding.

Bujagali falls

The Bujagali falls are known for both adventure and local spiritual events by the inhabitants. The falls got their name from a spiritual leader of the Bachwezi who lived nearby and the Basoga hold spiritual events every year. Bujagali falls is a good spot for activities including whitewater rafting, jet boating, tubing the Nile, kayaking, and many more. Scenic viewing, mountain biking, and learning about the history and culture of the locals are more things you must not miss out on when at Bujagali.

Jinja Historical and cultural sites

Jinja is among the top places that still preserve their culture and keep history alive through the protected cultural and historical sites. They include the Busoga king’s palace, the Bujagali ancestral site, and the Mpumude hill where the chiefs of Busoga often meet for their cultural matters.

Close to the source of the Nile is the Mahatma Gandhi monument which was constructed to mark his death as a legend. He wished his ashes to be poured at the Nile. The monument is one of the attractions that are worth visiting after or before the boat cruise to the source of the Nile.


Back in the 18th century after the construction of the Uganda railway, multitudes of Indians came to Uganda for trade and Jinja is one of the places that harbored a big community of them. The area has many old Indian buildings and Hindu temples. These can be visited to know more about how they lived their life in this foreign land. Other places to visit in Jinja town include Jinja market and other architectural buildings.

Accommodation in Jinja city

There is a long list of accommodation options in Jinja including hotels, campsites, lodges and hostels. Categorized into budget, midrange and luxury, these accommodation options are strategically situated to offer travelers beyond the adventure of the activities. Some are located on islands, others along the River Nile banks while there are those within Jinja town.

Some of the best places to stay in Jinja include Lemala Wildwaters Lodge, Nile Village Hotel, Jinja Nile Resort, Source of the Nile Hotel, Kingfisher Safari Lodge, Nile Guesthouse, Gately o the Nile, Brisk Hotel Triangle, Nile River Explorers Camp, Bridge Way Guest House, The Mansion Hotel and Timton Hotel among others.

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