Ishasha Sector; Situated in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park, Ishasha is one of the few places known for tree climbing lions in Africa. Although some writers have come out to say that lions can be spotted anywhere in trees and consider this unexceptional, Ishasha outstands with a lion population that has adopted this behavior and individuals or prides are often seen relaxing on tree branches.

While game drives in the Kasenyi plains of Queen Elizabeth national park may offer a chance to spot lions, they are usually seen on the ground or anthills. Ishasha amazes tourists with clear views of the comfortably lazing lions on fig tree branches.

The tree climbing lions of Ishasha are commonly spotted during the day as it starts to get hot. There are no scientific facts to explain the behavior the tree climbing lions, rather it is an adaptation as these cats try to escape the heat on the ground and tsetse flies in the tall grass.

Things to do in Ishasha sector

Game drives

Ishasha is a less visited sector because of its remoteness but rewarding in regards to game drives with highlights being the tree climbing lions. Expect a rough ride on the off-the beaten track, therefore a 4×4 safari vehicle is recommended.

Bush breakfast

One of the best places to have a bush breakfast in the parks of Uganda is the Ishasha sector. You will enjoy your meal with beautiful views of the vast plains. This is organized by your safari lodge.

Camp fire

Sitting down to share stories and life experiences is a cool thing but it is extraordinary when you do it around a camp fire in the wilderness. No unnecessary sounds to compete with, except the silence of nature. Nothing beats this tradition.

Nature walk

Exploring a nature reserve on foot gives you a closer feeling to the wildlife in the area. With an armed ranger to keep you safe, the guided nature walk is an ideal way to get up-close the wildlife.

Cultural visits

Meeting and interacting with local people at a destination is an insightful way to learn about their culture and lifestyle. The Bakiga who live around Ishasha have a unique culture with a cultural dance that involves energetically jumping and shaking the ground.

Best time to visit Ishasha sector

The best time to visit Ishasha is also the same for the main Queen Elizabeth national park; during the dry season from December to February and June to October. During this period of the year, the area receives little or no rainfall and therefore the roads are dry hence easy to drive far in search for wildlife.

Where to stay in Ishasha

Ishasha is located in a remote part of the park and therefore has few lodges the fact that it also has limited activities compared to the northern side of Queen Elizabeth national park. Some of the safari lodges around Ishasha are; Ishasha Wilderness Camp, The River Ishasha Lodge, Ishasha Jungle Lodge, Topi Lodge and Enjojo Lodge.

Other places to visit

Bwindi Impenetrable national park

There is nothing quite like seeing the tree climbing lions and the giant mountain gorillas on an African safari. This happens on a combined safari with wildlife and gorilla trekking with Dolphin Tours and Travel will cater for your adventure and exploration thirst.

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