Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga National park : The primate life of Uganda has offered one of the world’s top primate experiences. With gorilla trekking being the core primate activity on a Uganda primate safari. Gorilla trekking in the only two, gorilla parks of Uganda; Bwindi impenetrable national park, and Mgahinga national park is a captivating activity. That gives a no elsewhere encounter with the world’s largest living primate species the gorillas.

The eastern gorilla species are located in central and East Africa. Are a great attraction to primate lovers across the world. The eastern gorilla subspecies which are the eastern lowland gorillas and mountain gorillas are distributed in the gorilla parks of these regions.

With the eastern mountain gorillas located in Uganda and Rwanda. Uganda has been recorded to host the world remaining half population of the mountain gorillas in Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park.

The gorilla experiences in each of these national parks are unique to their own. With unique gorilla families and locations. Despite the low gorilla numbers in Mgahinga national park, compared to the four sectored Bwindi park. Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga national park is a worth primate journey to take on.

Mgahinga national park is Uganda’s smallest national park, covering an area of 33km. Located in the far southwest region of Uganda in Kisoro district. Despite the small size of the park, Mgahinga national park is a great gorilla destination hosting about 100 mountains with only two habituated groups with one available for trekking.

The park is located within the Albertine Rift and the park of the Virunga massif. Mgahinga national park is made up of Virunga Rwenzori montane moorlands, Albertine montane forest, which is home to a number of flora and fauna. Together with the Bamboo forest, which is home to the endangered golden monkeys. Trekking of these old monkeys is another great primate experience to encounter in Mgahinga national park.

The fascinating trek of the Nyakagezi gorilla family, the only habituated gorilla is an experience every primate lover should encounter.

Gorilla trekking in the park, begins with a short briefing at the headquarters’. Where the ranger guide briefly details trekkers about the necessary precautions that are required while trekking the gentle apes of Mgahinga national park.

After, the guide leads a group of only eight individuals. trekking through the forest to find the Nyakagezi gorilla group. On finding the gorilla group, trekkers are allowed to only have a one-hour encounter with the mountain gorillas of Mgahinga.

Witnessing the family interactions of the Nyakagezi gorilla family.  The mother gorillas will be seen feeding and grooming the infants, other infants seen playing and wrestling, with unique sites of the sliver back; mark defending the family from outside intruders.

The human-like gestures of the mountain gorillas, make the trekking of the gentle giants a unique experience. With the fact that gorilla species share 98% of human DNA, the ‘human-like traits of the gorillas make an encounter with these species a memorable trek for a lifetime.

To trek the mountain gorillas of Mgahinga national park, trekkers are required a valid gorilla trekking permit. The comes with a cost with East African citizens purchasing the permit at 250,00UGX, $600 for foreign residents, and $700 for the foreign nonresidents.

Visiting Mgahinga national park goes beyond trekking only the mountain gorillas. With diverse fauna hosted by the park, make a visit to this park worth.   Golden monkey trekking in the bamboo forest of the park, is another fascinating activity to enjoy while in the park.

Nevertheless, tacking other primates of the park that include the black and white colobus monkeys.

Mountaineering along the mountains in Mgahinga park can be an activity to opt for besides gorilla trekking. This park encompasses three Virunga mountains that include mountain Sabinyo, Mount Gahinga, and mount Muhavura. The hike to the summits of these mountains is a rewarding adventure. Offering beautiful scenic views.

Visiting the Batwa pygmies of the park, adds to the whole gorilla experience in Mgahinga national park. After trekking the gentle apes, a short visit to the Batwa community. Entices the whole primate safari in this national park.

The Batwa community were the initial inhabitants of the forest with the gorillas. Though these pygmies were displaced to the outcasts of the park. A visit to their community is a very insightful journey. Taking you through the intriguing Batwa history, lifestyle, and culture.

Furthermore, the bird paradise of Mgahinga national park leaves most avers lovers, yarning to see and hear the sounds of the bird forest. The park is home to over 200 bird species. That can be explored on a Uganda birding safari. The park is home to forest birds Albertine rift endemics some of which include: Olive pigeon, Alpine, waxbills, Kivu ground thrush, Grey-capped Warbler, Olive pigeon, paradise flycatcher, Ruwenzori turaco, Ruwenzori batis, Blue-headed coucal, waxbills, Grey-capped warbler, Fire finch stonechat, and many more.

The strategic location of Mgahinga national park is contagious with volcanoes national park in Rwanda. The only gorilla destination in the country. For travelers that want to have a short reach to Mgahinga national park. A route from Kigali Rwanda, to volcanoes national park, can be a near reach to Mgahinga national park.

Travelers that want to participate in Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga national park, can access the park in Uganda, by road transfer.

A road transfer takes approximately 8 hours traveling southwest from Kampala the capital of Uganda. Using the Mbarara highway.  Travelers that prefer faster means to reach the park, can as well opt for an air transfer from Entebbe international airport. Taking about one hour to reach the airstrip.

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Travelers that plan for an overnight stay in Mgahinga national park. Accommodation options are available ranging from Luxury, midrange to budget. Accommodation options in Mgahinga national park include; Gahinga lodge,

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