Gorilla trekking for the disabled : Gorilla trekking is an activity done in only three national parks worldwide and visitors are granted an average of one hour while in the presence of these endangered apes. Times have passed when gorilla trekking was only done by persons who are physically fit and 15 years of age. However, gorilla trekking for the disabled can easily be done the same way apart from allocating the visitors a gorilla group that is nearer to the park offices and carrying them on stretchers or sedan chairs.

In case the elder or disabled cannot walk, he or she can hire potters with a sedan chair which will be in a position to the visitor in presence of the gorillas inside the forest. Note that mountain gorillas are the most endangered of all gorilla species on planet earth and this has desired every tourist who visits Africa to have a visit to one of the destinations where they inhabit. Gorillas mainly live in mountainous forests and cannot be found in the zoos like their counterparts, lowland gorillas.

To be able to trek mountain gorillas, one needs to travel to Africa and only in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo in Bwindi national park, as well as the vast Virunga conservation area. This massif runs along the borderline of three countries – Uganda, Rwanda D.R. Congo and this creates everlasting memories to visit one of the gorilla families in any of these countries. Gorilla trekking tour is considered to be one of the ultimate and most sought after wildlife experiences in Africa, making gorilla permits expensive.

Most articles online mention that gorilla trekking needs only those individuals who are young and energetic to be able to move long distances but what you need to know is, you can go for this experience even when you are elderly or have got physical disabilities. So as long as you are allowed on a flight and you are 15 years of age, then this adventure is extremely possible.

gorilla trekking for disabled

You are advised to book your gorilla trekking permit at least 3 months before the trekking day and this will grant you a chance to be allocated a closer gorilla family, whether for the elderly or physically handicapped. Also, in case you want a double gorilla trekking experience, you will be allocated with another gorilla family on a different day. Gorilla trekking allows only 8 visitors per group and each should pose a valid gorilla trekking permit. This protects gorillas to remain wild and protect them from human infectious diseases.

Visitors with disabilities are normally carried on a sedan chair and this is the most comfortable way to be taken deep into the forest for gorilla trekking. Porters will take you into the forest and upon locating a gorilla family, you will be put down for photography and after taken back to the starting point where you left your guide and vehicle. A comfortable sedan chair costs about $400 to $500 depending on the weight of a visitor including porter fees.

Note that, gorilla trekking for disabled people is suitable and can easily be done in Mgahinga gorilla National Park in Uganda, since the park is less mountainous, compared to its counterpart, Bwindi impenetrable forest. The trails are relatively flat since the park is situated in the lower ends of the Virunga Mountains.

Bwindi National Park boasts the largest number of gorillas with over 19 habituated gorilla families, calling for higher chances of seeing and interacting with these great apes. Eastern based Ruhija sector is the easiest to trek and you can reach the gorilla family in a shortest time though this is not guaranteed. You may even take about 30 minutes to meet a gorilla family in this sector.

Are you disabled and you are worried about a gorilla trekking safari in Africa? It’s our passion to create the easiest ways of trekking these endangered apes.

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