The historical garama caves of Mgahinga national park, hold cultural and heritage importance to the Batwa community. And most importantly, the garama caves are one of the significant attractions located within the park.

Garama caves are located on the north side of Mgahinga national park. The caves are found 3k from the main offices of the national park at Ntebeko.

Mgahinga national park is located in the far southwest region of Uganda, Kisoro district. The park can be accessed with either road or air transfer. From Kampala, a road transfer takes about 9 hours approximately to reach the park. Covering a long distance of 495km. Visitors can opt for a one-hour air transfer for a shorter reach to the park. From the park’s entrance, it only takes about 3km to reach the caves.

Mgahinga national park is among the only two gorilla destinations of Uganda together with Bwindi impenetrable national park. The mountain gorillas of Mgahinga are the main attractions for many travelers to the park.

However, the park holds more touristic treasures to be explored on a Uganda safari. A visit and tour of the garama caves in Mgahinga national park is another fascinating activity to explore. Besides gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, mountain hiking, gorge walk, and more.

The garama caves are known as among the first home of the indigenous Batwa people. The Batwa community is a group of minority pygmy communities that were the first inhabitants of the forest with the mountain gorillas of Uganda.

The garama caves were a significant treasure to the Batwa pygmies. The caves were used as a hideout for the Batwa warriors. As they hid from the attacks of their revels. Even after a successful root by the ancient Batwa warriors, the rooted treasures were kept and hidden deep into the caves.

In the ancient years, when the Batwa inhabited the caves, they used them as council chambers to settle all conflict and distribute among the community members. Unfortunately, due to the displacement of the Batwa pygmies to the outcasts of the park, for the establishment of Mgahinga national park.  The batwa nolonger have a full control and stay over the garama caves.

Luckily enough, the garama caves are still in existence and can be visited while on the tour of Mgahinga national park of a Uganda cultural safari. The caves can be accessed through the Batwa trail experience.

Experiencing the Batwa trail takes visitors through the reach history of the Batwa pygmies. The walk along the trail is incited with interesting narratives about the cultural heritage of the Batwa, how they used to gather forest fruit, their hunting skills exposure, traditions, and more.

The trail begins from Mountain Muhavura base stretching about 33km of a splendid marvel of the forest beauty and insight of the Batwa culture. The garama cave is found at the end of the trail, located at a plateau that overlooks the park’s beautiful landscape.  The Batwa trail takes about 4 hours to trek and explore.

The garama caves are 343 meters long and 14 meters deep. Currently, the caves are used as a performance stage of the Batwa community. Showcasing their local, authentic culture through their local dance and song performance.

The visit of the garama caves is also crowned with an interesting dance performance by the Batwa pygmies.

Just as visitors would require gorilla permits to trek the gentle apes of Mgahinga park or to experience any other activity in the park. To visit the garama caves, visitors are to pay for this experience depending on their nationality.

Foreign nonresidents and foreign residents pay $80 to enjoy this experience. East African residents pay 50,000shs, to participate in the visit to the Garama caves.

The garama caves are a hidden treasure of the pearl, nestled in the far depth of Mgahinga national park. The hiking experience and an insightful narrative about the Batwa pygmies and how they relate to the caves. All and more, make a visit to the garama caves worth on a Uganda safari, With Dolphin tours and travel.

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