Fly In Safaris in East Africa; A fly-in safari in East Africa makes a transfer from one location to another faster and this allows travelers to cover more safari parks and do more activities in a shorter period of time. Most safari destinations are located far from major cities, international airports and from one another. In addition, the regional transport network in East Africa is not yet well developed with reliable and fast means of connection and this makes road transfers across the destinations and safari parks long and tiring.

How Fly in Safaris operate in East Africa

Choosing Fly in safaris in East Africa allows you to use light aircrafts to get to local tourism destinations;

Uganda flying safaris

Kenya flying safaris

Tanzania flying safaris

From your home country to the destination,  you will fly in to the international airport, then connect to the safari parks with a light aircraft. After your activities at one destination, you can connect to another park by air or road if it doesn’t have an aircraft landing facility, perhaps you would also wish to have some off the beaten path experience. Flight safaris will help you escape the hustles and bustles that come with traffic on the roads plus restlessness on rugged and dusty roads.

Travelers who plan to visit more than one country in the region are advised to apply for the East African visa, a single visa that allows you to access three East African countries: Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. This is one of the great joint achievements in travel for the countries.

Fly in safari experience

East Africa is one of the most beautiful regions in Africa and the world with fabulous landscapes and wildlife, fly-in safaris will offer breathtaking views of the region. The aerial sights of the water bodies, mountains, vast plains, forest canopies and terraced hills are pleasant.

Light aircrafts that operate fly in safaris in East Africa vary in size; small aircrafts with carrying capacity of 2-4 and bigger ones hose that take 10- 40 passengers. Early bookings are highly recommended. Travelers can use fly in safaris and combine with a road transfers to connect to other national parks to feel both the road and flight experiences in Africa.

The distant destinations in East Africa that we would recommend for fly in safaris include; Bwindi Impenetrable National park, Kidepo Valley National park and Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda, Serengeti National park in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya. Fly in safaris are suitable for travelers who do not want to sit for long hours during road transfers or perhaps have limited time and want to do safari activities. However, for travelers who want a more explorative and adventurous experience, safari road trips are the best. They will take you through the spectacular countryside and you can stopover at en-route safari destinations.

Below are our most popular fly-in safaris in East Africa. They can be tailor made to perfectly suit your travel needs when you contact us.

3 Days Bwindi Fly in Safari

Tour highlights

  • Scenic flight to southwestern Uganda
  • Gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest
  • Optional activities- Bird watching, Batwa community visit

3 Days Gorilla Habituation Fly in Safari

Tour highlights

  • Scenic flight to southwestern Uganda
  • More time with mountain gorillas during the fascinating experience of gorilla habituation
  • Optional activities- bird watching, Batwa community visit

6 Days Bwindi and Wildlife Fly-in Safari

Tour highlights

  • Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park
  • Wildlife viewing in Queen Elizabeth national park
  • Boat cruise on Kazinga channel
  • Optional activities-Birding, Batwa community visit

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