The Congo visa is one of the important travel documents you will be required to present on arrival into the spectacular Democratic Republic of Congo. This, together with a valid passport, reason for visit, enough money for support during your stay in DRC as well as the accommodation arrangements at the Border crossing points among others. All travellers into the Democratic Republic of Congo are required to obtain a visa unless coming from; a country whose Citizens can obtain visas on arrival, visa exempt country or when arriving from a country without embassy.

While Congo visas are issued at all ports of entry into the beautiful Central African country, it is advisable to complete applications before departure date at the Consulate sections of different Embassies in your home country. The best time to apply for your Congo Visa is 1-3 months before the day of travel and a number of things are required for these visas.


The Congo Tourist Visa

This category of Visa is presented at any recognized Congolese Consulate, to visitors entering the Democratic Republic of Congo through selected Ports of entry like Harbor stations, Airports and others. Valid for 3 months, the Congo tourist visa permits multiple entries for non-Citizens of your country of origin while the Citizens are offered 6 months multiple entries.

Business Visa

This category is issued to persons travelling to the Democratic Republic of Congo for feasibility studies, to establish business and professional contacts or better still making plans for investments in this Central African country.

This is valid for one month and permits multiple entries but those interested in extending their stay have to contact the nearest immigration office.

Diplomatic Visa

Issued to holders of Diplomatic passports, for travellers entering the country on official business matters. The eligible visitors under this category include employees of US State Department, International Monetary Fund, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico and Canada, Diplomats from embassies connected to Mexico and United States, World Bank Officials and United Nations among others. This visa comes with 12 months validity with multiple entries.

Congo Visa application requirements

Some of the requirements for Congo visa applications include; two printed, thoroughly filled and signed visa application forms. Any blank parts left during application will result into delay in approval or total rejection.

Two passport color photos, extending 51*51 mm in size and should have a white background. Your photographs should be current (taken at least 3-6 months) to show your updates appearance. Should be taken without eye glasses or headwear, except for religious reasons.

A valid passport with more than 6 months validity to departure date and at least two consecutive blank pages. Make sure that it is not altered, frayed or separated in any way.

Invitation letter or Hotel reservation (for tourist visas), typewritten, notarized in DRC and signed with number of entries clearly stated. Also required is a copy of airline tickets or travel itinerary clearly indicating arrival and departure dates into the Democratic Republic of Congo, a proof of travel arrangements and inoculation certificate for Yellow fever while the business passport holders are also required to present business cover letters among others.

For minors, a birth certificate as well as copy of adult guardian’s passport as well as travel itinerary is required when applying for a Congo tourist visa.

How to apply for a Congo Visa?

Congo Visas are applied from the Embassy, the Consulate of the Democratic Republic of Congo or the online Visa application portal. Always keep in mind that applications for visas have to be done before travelling into the country.

Visa exempt Countries.

Citizens of some countries and destinations are visa exempt and these include Benin, Burundi, Central African Republic, Haiti, Dominica, Cook Islands, Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, Micronesia, Gambia, Philippines, Rwanda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Gambia, Samoa, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Kenya and many others.

Congo Visa Application fees.

The Visa fees include $100 and $150 for single and multiple entries respectively for one month.

Two months single entry is $175 while multiple entries are $200 per person.

Three months and six months validity cost $300 and $400 respectively for multiple entries.

About the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For a size of 905,355 square miles, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the second largest African country with the second longest River in the Continent. Many beautiful things are found in this country including the largest contiguous forest as well as second largest tropical rainforest in the whole World (Congo basin).

Not only that, the rarest animals like Bonobo, Okapi, Congo peafowl, Eastern lowland gorillas and Lesula are endemic to this beautiful country.

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