An inquisitive question asked by individuals curious is about the gorilla response to water, and especially to swimming behaviors. Gorillas are gentle apes, standing on a higher rank than other apes. As the largest living primates with a DNA similar to that of Humans up to 98%.

Just as the other primates like chimpanzees, the gorillas have shown resistance to water and any kind of emergent to water bodies.

Despite the chimpanzees being man’s closest cousin, and with gorillas having a similar DNA to humans. These are all not natural swimmers unless trained. No gorilla species has yet been recorded to swim in the water, even when tried. However captive chimpanzees have been seen swimming in water pools, as one of the behaviors they copy from humans.

Gorillas have been recorded standing still and motionless in rain pours, or hide under the near shades from being hit by the raindrops. Water is one instrument used to “fence” the gorillas when in captivity, proving the fear of any water body by the gorillas.

With reference, to their habitats, gorillas are mostly, found in mountain ranges, and forests. But not living around a specific water body. If they do, gorillas could opt for the shallow ends of any water body to avoid drowning, for fact that they cannot swim.

The gentle apes of mountains are ground-dwelling apes, that mostly feed on forest produces, like leaves, shoots, stems, and fruits. This leaves no chance for the gorillas to hunt down in any type of water stream for survival. This justifies why the gorillas cannot swim.

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