Bigodi Wetland Community Walk : Our visit to Bigodi wetland most times comes in as one of our added interesting activities to chimpanzee tracking safaris in Kibale National Park. The Bigodi Wetland community walk takes us through the beautiful and rich Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary which is located just about 6 kilometers from Kibale National Park.

The protection of Bigodi wetland and the community tours started as a way to uplift the status and lifestyle of indigenous communities living in Bigodi village and the surroundings. It started in 2016 when four people trained with the Kibale Association for Rural Environmental Development found a loop and unauthenticated community visits.  They authenticated the visits through the provision of employment to the people of Bigodi as hosts and community guides to improve livelihoods. This means that every Bigodi community visitor directly supports the local people and encourages them to continue protecting both the wetland sanctuary and Kibale National Park and the wildlife therein.

Things to do while on the Bigodi Wetland Community Walk

Bigodi swamp walk

A local guide takes you through Bigodi swamp to explore the beauty of its wildlife including birds, primates and flora. It is one of the best places to see birds and additional species of primates after your chimp tracking adventure in Kibale forest.

Local food preparation  

It is an interesting experience to test Ugandan local foods but is more fun to engage in its preparation. You will see how it is harvested from the garden and the entire cooking process. See how grains and other foods are grinded and sieved rather than using a blender or machines. It is a whole organic way of preparing food here.

Kaikusa Hill hike

The hike to the top of Kaikusa hill gives a chance to meet some of the groups of women who are benefiting from Bigodi swamp to improve their livelihoods. Following guidelines of the group and conservation, they are allowed to access specific areas of the swamp and harvest materials for weaving baskets. The beautiful pieces they make are nice for souvenirs.

Visit an herbal/ traditional healer

Decades ago in Africa, people relied on herbal medicine for treatment of most diseases, infections and other incidents including malaria and snake bites among others. Today, there are few people who still understand the way to use plants to make herbal medicine. One of the few known people is a man in Bigodi who can be visited while on a Bigodi Wetland Community Walk.

More to this, you can enjoy a coffee tour or see how banana beer is locally made and also have a taste of it. At dolphin tours and travel, we take you to Bigodi for the community walk and suggest more activities to our clients if you wish to explore other nearby destinations like Queen Elizabeth National Park and Semuliki National Park.

Suggested tour packages with Bigodi Wetland Community Walk

5 Days Kibale safari

Tour highlights

  • Chimp tracking
  • Coffee tour Bigodi swamp walk
  • Hike to Kaikusa Hill

6 Days Kibale chimps and Community tour

Tour highlights

  • Chimp tracking
  • Coffee tour
  • Bigodi community tour
  • Crater exploration

7 Days Chimps, Bigodi and Queen Elizabeth safari

Tour highlights

  • Wildlife viewing in Queen Elizabeth national park
  • Kazinga channel boat cruise
  • Bigodi wetland community walk
  • Visit Sempaya hotsprings in Semuliki National Park

If you have inquiries or wish to book for a safari to Kibale and Bigodi, contact us through or An enjoyable African safari with Dolphin Tours and Travel awaits.

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