Best time to visit Rwanda : Rwanda is one of the finest tourism destinations located in the eastern part of Africa. Though it is one of the smallest nations in the world, Rwanda has something to offer for any visitor that opts for this beautiful destination. It is famous for being one of the few destinations that protects the critically endangered mountain gorillas. The mountain gorillas are only found in 3 destinations on planet earth with the other two being DR Congo and Republic of Uganda. On top of the gorillas Rwanda has very many attractions and activities that make it an outstanding destination.

Top attractions in Rwanda.

Mountain gorillas

The Republic of Rwanda boasts the finest gorilla trekking experience in the whole world. Even though it has fewer number of gorillas compared to Uganda. Rwanda’s auxiliary services in terms of transport, accommodation and excellent service delivery has put it a step ahead of its gorilla trekking neighbors. For example, it only takes 2-3 hours to reach Volcanoes National Park along well-maintained roads while it takes 8-9 hours to reach Uganda’s gorilla trekking parks.

rwanda gorillas

Mountain gorillas hold such beauty and awe that an encounter with a family is described by many as their best and memorable adventure they have ever experienced. Gorillas are visited after acquiring permits and these accommodate 8 people for each gorilla family. This is to limit the number of visitors interacting with these magnificent beasts and also to give them time to recover from human presence.

The Kigali Genocide memorial center.

The country experienced one of the most horrific events back in the early 1990’s of Rwandan genocide. Over 800,00 people lost their lives in terrible deaths over a span of 100 days. This country has fought a long way since this tragic event and is one of the most peaceful countries in the world right now. Visitors can learn more about the genocide at the Kigali memorial where a museum was built in remembrance of the lost lives and as a reminder of how selfishness be deadly.

While it might not be the exciting highlight of your trip, this genocide memorial center is one of the most visited sites in Rwanda as guests dive more into the country’s history.

Nyungwe forest national park.

Nyungwe is one of Africa’s vital and most pristine conservation areas. With an astonishing beauty and biodiversity of over 322 bird species, 1,068 plant species and 75 mammal species the forest offers an ideal place for adventure seekers. Nyungwe forest’s main attraction are the chimpanzees that roam deep in its forests.

Nyungwe as well offers some of the best bird watching opportunities on the African continent which is enhanced by the canopy walk along on a 50 meter’s high suspended bridge that brings you closer to your objects of observation.


Nyungwe forest national park

Akagera National Park.

Every safari to Africa isn’t counted if a visit isn’t incorporated into it, and a trip to Rwanda is no exception. The Akagera national park offers visitors the reels of an African safari without compromise of fun, time or money. The park is blessed with rich bio diversity and is one of the handful places you can view the Big five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo) in the wild.

akagera national park

This comes with extras of spectacular landscape scenery of the great African savannah, birds and numerous animal species like Nile crocodile, giraffes, zebras and hippos which you can experience even with a self-drive.

Kigali city.

Many visitors to Rwanda are in a rush to encounter the glorious mountain gorillas and almost every time miss out on what the Kigali city has to offer to its esteemed guests. The city is vibrant with Rwandese culture, beautiful and hospitable people while offering a chance for the safest sight-seeing you can have in any African city. You can rest for a couple of days before heading out to your next destination or home.

kigali city

Best time to visit Rwanda.

The Republic of Rwanda is an all year-round tourism destination and guests shouldn’t worry much about what time of the year they can visit. This is made possible by the favorable climate experienced in the country as a result of being close to the equator. However, the most recommended time to visit this beautiful and scenic country is in the months of June to early September. These are the drier months of the year and offer the finest spotting of wildlife and best option for gorilla trekking.

The rainy period that happens from March to May is best for chimpanzee trekking as well as it comes with unimaginable opportunities of fewer visitors and reduced rates as it’s also Rwanda’s low travel season.

Book a Rwanda safari any month as it is always the right time to visit Rwanda throughout the whole year.

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