Balloon safaris in uganda

Balloon safaris in uganda : Though it may seem like a new and foreign way to explore the wonders of the pearl. Balloon safaris in Uganda offer memorable life adventures worth experiencing on an Uganda safari. Balloon safaris in Uganda involve the use of a suspended wicker basket hanging on a bag like a balloon, referred to as an envelope.

Balloon safaris work this the use of hot air injected uploads into the envelope that enable it to move upwards and float into the area. The use of hot air to run, balloon safari, drive the o naming of these safaris as air balloon safari.

The air balloon safari experience was officially certified in Uganda in 2011. With Dream balloon as the major handlers of the balloon safaris in Uganda. Together with the Uganda wildlife authority, Uganda civil association, Uganda commissions commission, and Uganda environmental management authorities, as government bodies that commission and foreseen the run on this new tourist activity in Uganda.

Air balloon safaris were introduced and established in Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls national park, it being the prominent air balloon safari destination in Uganda.

Famously known as the largest national park in Uganda, with the unique thunderous and strongest waterfalls, as the main attraction in the park. Murchison falls national park is as well over 70 wildlife mammals and 450 bird species. The wildlife of Murchison falls national park, together with the beautiful is usually exploring while on a game drive, through the park on sailing along the Nile on a boat cruise.

A hot air balloon safari offers a more fascinating way to explore the wonderful beauty of the Murchison falls national park on bird view. Balloon safaris in Murchison fall national park go beyond tracing the road tails to view the wildlife in the park, it exceeds the viewing of the park’s attractions that cannot easily be seen while on a game drive or boat cruise.

The hot air balloons float through the air, with a rewarding view of the parks, vegetation, wildlife that may include sights of the African elephants, Giraffes, African buffaloes, leopards, bushbucks, warthogs, Uganda kobs, Jackson’s hartebeests, and many more.

Another major highlight on hot air balloon safari include; a sunrise and sunset view from the balloon, panorama sight of the entire Murchison fall’s national park, the beautiful Uhuru falls, Murchison falls, Albert Nile, and Albert Nile, and off trach is hidden wild game.

The balloon safari in Murchison is divided into the morning sunrise session that comes with bush breakfast and a 1-hour balloon safari. The sunrise session begins from 5:00 am to 9:30 am. The sunset program commences from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

The major pick-up of an area balloon safari in Murchison falls national park usually starts from Paraa lodge. Where visitors have an early insight of the balloon set up by the operators. From the air filling processing to the on boarding of the passengers.

Visitors are then briefed about the necessary precautions to be taken while on the balloon. A Group of only 8 passengers are allowed per session to enjoy a hot air balloon safari. Children below 12 years are excluded from the qualified group for balloon safari. As the balloon goes up to 10000 ft that might be uncomfortable for the young children.

Pricing of a hot air balloon safari in Murchison falls national park.

Dream balloons who are the official operators of the hot air balloon safari categorized the pricing of this activity into four categories. A full package costs $380 inclusive of a bush breakfast, 40-60-minute balloon rife, sunrise view, and excluding vehicle transportation within the park. The second pricing category is $300 for the economy package that includes a 40-60 min balloon ride, post sunrise view, excluding a bush breakfast and vehicle transportation.

For East African citizens, Uganda and residents pay $250 for a citizen package that includes a 40-60-minute balloon ride, post sunrise view, still excluding the vehicle transportation. For travelers that prepare private hot air balloon safari, they $2000 per person. This includes sole usage of the balloon, for activities such as wedding proposals, photo sessions are more.

However, travelers may want another balloon safari experience. Queen Elizabeth national park is another balloon safari destination to visit. This park is managed by balloon tours Uganda, a registered company that operators hot air balloon tours in Uganda.

The balloon safari experience in Queen Elizabeth national park offers breathtaking ariel views of the park. That includes the Kasenyi plain that is a breeding grounds ost of the wildlife in the park, the Kazinga channel and the on-dwelling wildlife just as hippos, African elephants and more.

What to wear for a hot air balloon safari

Having appropriate clothing gear for a hot air balloon safari in Uganda, guarantees the enjoyment of this experience. Some of the necessary clothing gear  for this experience include.

  • Sport wear head wear
  • Comfortable foot wear
  • Trouser

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