18 Days Discover Uganda Safari

This log safari in Uganda will expose to you the wildlife and culture plus nature of this country. There is a lot you will take part such as game drives, boat cruises, mighty gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking and golden monkey trekking, cultural experiences for Bakiga, Batooro, Batwa, Bamasaba and the Sebei. You will be able to spot 4 of the big 5 animals, traditional healers, different primates among others.

This great safari will also take you to visit the source of the longest river in the world which is river Nile. The safari will only involve road transport but of great experience since the roads pass through eye catching landscapes like the hills, terraced landscapes, plantations like coffee, tea and bananas not forgetting the stopover at the Uganda equator in Kayabwe.

Detailed itinerary.

Day 1: Arrival and transfer in a hotel in Kampala.

Arrive at Entebbe International Airport and drive to the hotel in Kampala after going through the immigration process. The driver guide will help you to acquire all the required documents.

Day 2: Transfer to Jinja with enroute Sezibwa falls tour, Mabira forest and a visit to Source of R. Nile.

Transfer to Jinja early in the morning the city known as the adventurous capital in East Africa. Have enroute stopovers to visit different attractions like the Sezibwa falls with its cultural significant Baganda culture attached.

Hike through the different rocks where you will meet the traditional healers. Proceed and have another stopover in Mabira forest where you will take either a zip lining experience or a nature walk. Find your way to Jinja for lunch which will be followed by a boat cruise on the Nile that will take you to the source of the Nile. Return to the resort hotel where you will spend a night.

Day 3: Transfer to Mbale and hike Sipi falls, cultural experience of the Sebei people

Leave Jinja and head to Mbale District after breakfast. Arrive at Discover Sipi offices to get a local guide who will take you to hike the three different falls in series of 100m, 85m and 75m respectively. The hike will begin as you pass through the coffee plantation which is Arabic, get knowledge about how coffee is grown in this area.

After the hike, you will head to the booked resort hotel for evening refreshment. Have a cultural entertainment from the Sebei and Bamasaba people through traditional music and dances.

Day 4: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park.

Leave Mbale and head to North western Uganda passing via corner Kamdin. This park is famous to have the world’s most powerful waterfall on river Nile and forms a rainbow where water squeezes itself in the narrow gorge. You will notice that the park is divided into two parts by the River Nile making the northern part to be a savannah and the southern part to be a woodland forest. Arrive and check in the northern part for easy movement in the morning for game drive.

Day 5: Game drive and boat cruise.

Discover the beauty of Murchison falls national park through taking these two main activities. The game drive will be conducted in the morning and it takes about 2 hours of full exploration with a stopover at the hippo pool for breakfast of either fruits or tea. While on this game drive expect to meet different antelopes such as Bushbucks, oribis, water backs among others.

Other animals are the lions, elephants, buffalos, warthog, leopards, olive baboons and many more. Head for a boat cruise that will take you to the bottom of the falls and this will be another soft adventure in your life time. Have an option of hiking to the top of falls or a drive depending on your choice. Head to the booked lodge for your accommodation.

Day 6: Transfer to Kibale national park and cultural experience for Batooro and Bakiga at Isunga Cultural Community.

Leave Murchison early in the morning and take a road tour to Kibale national park. This is one of the amazing national parks in the country and it covers an area of 779 Square kilometers with rain forests, punches of swamp among others.

Arrive at the lodge and be served with lunch, head to the nearby community of Isunga where you have a short tour in the coffee gardens and then visit one of the homes where you will meet the cultural dancers that will entertain you through the cultural dances and music for both Bakiga and Batooro cultures. Head back to the lodge where you will be spending the rest of the nights while in Kibale.

Day 7: Chimpanzee tracking and swamp walk.

Chimp tracking will be done in the morning immediately after breakfast. Have briefing at Kanyanchu information Centre that will be a guideline while in the forest. Start the search with a help of the park ranger guide with enough knowledge about the forest. They ranger will be communicating using a radio call for easy tracing their location.

Upon locating them, you will spend an hour with this troop and after head back to the starting point. After lunch, you will head to Bigodi for a swamp walk where you will be able to spot different primates and bird species like the great blue turacos. The walk will take about 2 hours and thereafter, you will head to the lodge and this will be the end of the day.

Day 8: Head to Semuliki national park, visit Sempaya hot springs and Amabere Ga’nyina mwiru caves in Fortportal.

Have a morning breakfast and head to Semliki national park in the Bundibugyo district where you will take a wall to visit these amazing springs. The rod trip takes you to explore the foot hills of Rwenzori mountains and you will also have a stopover at the rift valley escarpment for viewing. There will be a great time for photography and snacks in the enroute. Take 2 hours on the road trip and on arrival, you will attend briefing like any other park activity.

Take a walk in the forest while spotting some primates like the Black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys among others. Visit the female hot springs first and be able to boil your eggs or matooke. After a great story on how it was formed, you will head to the male got spring for another great experience.

After drive back to Fort portal and immediately visit the Amabere caves a cultural site that has a great significant about the Bachwezi culture. The stalactites and stalagmites forming caves and they have breast like structure. The caves have Nyakasura falls that you will enjoy while visiting the caves. Head back to the lodge in Kibale national park where you are spending a night.

Day 9: Crater lakes exploration and Isunga Cultural Community tour. Head to Queen Elizabeth national Park for an afternoon boat cruise.

Have breakfast and head out for crater lakes exploration and a visit to Isunga Cultural Community near Kibale national park. This will cover over 3 craters a hike with a summit rewarding an aerial view of Kibale forest, 3 crater lakes on a straight line, tea estates, and the Rwenzori mountain ranges. This experience can take about 3 to 4 hours which will be followed with a transfer to Queen Elizabeth national Park the most visited national park in the country due to diverse wildlife.

Arrive and have endless view of the savannah vegetation having animals roaming such as the elephants, buffalos, Uganda kobs and much more. Head straight in Mweya for lunch break which will be followed by a boat cruise on Kazinga channel. The 2 hours cruising on the Kazinga channel will offer you the best experience where you will spot migratory birds, crocodiles and hippos as the buffalos and elephants graze on the banks of the Channel. Head to the lodge booked in the park for your dinner.

Day 10: Morning game drive and afternoon transfer to Bwindi via Ishasha sector, for the rare tree climbing lions.

Have an early morning game drive to catch up with early raisers such as the spotted hyenas, jackals, lions, leopards, cheetahs among others. Other animals that will be spotted are the olive baboons, elephants, buffalos, Uganda kobs, bush backs and many more. After 2 hours of the game drive, you head to Ishasha sector where you will head have a chance to track the rare tree climbing lions.

Have your picnic lunch in the wild and there after proceed to Bwindi national park. This great journey will take you to the home of the mountain gorillas. Check in the accommodation booked.

Day 11: Gorilla trekking and leisure.

Head to the offices in the park where you will meet other trekkers in the morning. This briefing exercise will cover the rules and regulations to follow while in the forest and among others are these among others are do not feed wild animals, keep a distance of at list 8m from the gorillas, do not litter and do not make noise.

Trekking will take about 3 to 5 hours and this will include about an hour while in their presence. You will spot them playing, feeding, breastfeed their young ones among others. Trek back and head to the lodge for a leisure time

Day 12: Transfer to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Head to Mgahinga national park in the morning after breakfast and this will take about 4 to 5 hours on a leisure drive. Mgahinga national park is located in far south western Uganda at the border of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

This is the smallest national park in the country but very interesting since it hosts the two rare primate species which are the mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Have the best time while in this park and this will be of great memorable experience.

Day 13: Golden monkey trekking and Batwa community experience.

Have breakfast and the driver guide will take you to the briefing point at the park offices. This will of great importance where you will be able to get conversant with the forest and its inhabitants. The briefing will take about 20 minutes and this cover the dos and don’ts such as the use of flash lights is highly recommended, don’t feed animals, do not litter among others.

Head into the forest to search for these golden monkeys. You will find them in bamboo trees and this will create everlasting memories. Notice that some of them missing tails which are cut in the bamboo branches. Have an hour while in their presence but the overall walk takes about 2 to 4 hours.

After lunch, head to visit the Batwa pygmies at the edge of forest and this will take about 3 hours and this will expose you to the unique African culture. Get to walk around the forest and this will expose you to different herbals medicines, caves, and learn the methods of hunting that were used by pygmies. Thea after, you will head back to the lodge for dinner.

Day 14: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi.

Leave Mgahinga national park in the morning and transfer to Lake Bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in Africa after Lake Tanganyika. Transfer to this lake with enroute lunch and upon arrival, you will immediately check in the accommodation booked.

Day 15: Full day on Lake Bunyonyi.

This great day will be spend relaxing at one of the resorts on Lake Bunyonyi and a short time to tour around the lake on a boat cruise and you will be able to visit some of the islands like punishment Islands, leprosy Island and many more.

Have a short hike to one of the surrounding hills where you will have a great view of the different dotted islands.

Day 16: Transfer to Lake Mburo national park and lunch stopover at Igongo Cultural Centre.

Head to the only smallest savannah national park in Uganda that is dotted with grassland punches and many lakes including Lake Mburo where its name originates.

The road trip is amazing and it’s covered with eye catching moments such as the terraced Kigezi highlands, cattle farms with Ankole long horned cattle, gardens, plantations and many others. Have a stopover at Igongo Cultural Centre where you will have lunch and a short tour around the Ankole-Kigezi museum. Arrive at the park and transfer to the booked lodge.

Day 17: Game driver and boat cruise.

Take part in the morning game drive where you will be able to spot different wild animals roaming in the savannah of the park and among others include; impalas, zebras, common elands, buffalos, Sitatunga, Reed bucks, Topis and warthogs.

The game drive will take about 2 hours and after you will head back to the lodge for break lunch which will be followed by joining a team for a boat cruise on Lake Mburo. This will grant you an opportunity of spotting different animals such as the hippos, crocodiles and many others. This will also take 2 hours and after return to the lodge to prepare for your next departure.

Day 18: Transfer back to Kampala with a stopover at the Uganda equator.

Wake up on a leisure breakfast and then transfer to Kampala. Have a stopover at the Uganda equator and spend a good time while taking a snack, photography and maybe buying souvenirs. Later on, proceed and your lunch will be in Entebbe and be dropped at the airport which will mark the end of this 18 days Uganda safari.


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