10 Days Best of Rwanda Safari

This 10 days Rwanda safari begins with a city tour, introducing to you the scenic Kigali memorial site, local markets, and presidential palace museum and after head to Akagera national park where you will take a game drive and boat cruise. Then to Volcanoes national park for gorilla trekking, golden monkeys trekking and visiting the Ibyiwachu cultural village. Nyungwe national park is the primate capital which gives you an opportunity to do chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk. This safari includes an option of visiting Lake Kivu while on your way to Nyungwe from Volcanoes national park.

Details of a safari.

Day 1: Arrival and head to a hotel in Kigali.

Arrival and attend a short briefing about this country and this safari that will take 10 days while discovering the beauty of Rwanda. The guide driver will after take you to the hotel in Kigali where you will spend your first night.

Day 2: Kigali city tour.

Take a good time while discovering the Kigali city where you will visit different attractions like the local markets such as Kimironko market, Kigali city markets and much more. These sales fresh food stuffs and fruits, art and craft pieces, clothing among others. Another exciting moment will come when you visit the Kigali memorial site where thousands of people who died during genocide were buried.

This area displays how they were killed and their names with a film showcasing the long suffering of this country. Other areas that will be visited include; the former presidential palace museum, different hills that offer panoramic view of Kigali city among others.

Day 3: Head to Akagera national park.

Traverse in the hills of Rwanda while heading to Akagera national park, right after breakfast in Kigali city. This is the only savannah national park in the whole country, located along the border of Tanzania and Uganda. There is a lot to see and explore in this park such as the rare shoebill stork, Masai giraffes, crocodiles and hippos in Lake Ihema, zebras, elephants, buffalos, lions among others. this park gets its name from river Akagera that flows on the border of Tanzania and Rwanda.

Day 4: Game drive and boat cruise.

Take a morning game drive in the endless plains of Akagera national park which will last for 2 hours and 3 hours on request and extra fee. This will grant you with an opportunity to spot different animals such as the zebras, the Masai giraffes, elephants, buffalos, lions, warthogs, olive baboons among others.

After this experience, you will proceed with a boat cruise which lasts for 2 hours while cruising on Lake Ihema. Spot different animals like crocodiles, hippos and on the banks spot elephants, different antelopes grazing. This will be all day of adventuring in the only savannah national park in Rwanda.

Day 5: Transfer to Volcanoes National Park.

Head to Volcanoes National Park, which is located on the boarder of D.R. Congo and Uganda. This park is famous for its gorillas and the golden monkeys but it has 10 habituated gorilla families that are open to tourists. The park has 5 of 8 volcanoes including Karisimbi and Bisoke. Between these mountains, the research center was established by Dian Fossey a female researcher that is credited for starting habituation process for gorillas in East Africa and this was after saving mountain gorillas from poachers. This also made the park to be popular in the history of tourism. Arrive after 4 t0 6 hours drive depending on the speed of the driver guide.

Day 6: Golden monkey trekking.

Golden monkeys are among the rare primates and trekking them on this day will reward you with the best memorable experience. All this will begin with breakfast in the morning and then head to the park offices to be able to catch up with briefing with fellow trekkers. You will be instructed to use flash light cameras since the golden monkeys can enjoy seeing the light unlike the mountain gorillas.

Have a great time with them in the bamboo forest for an hour and then you will be able to trek back and head to the lodge for a leisure time. Like any other trekking experience, golden monkey trekking can last between 2 to 5 hours depending on where they are located.

Day 7: Gorilla trekking and visit Iby’iwacu cultural village.

Have a great time after briefing and breakfast with gorillas for an hour on your gorilla trekking experience as this will create memories of great photography. The overall experience can take about 2 to 5 hours which depends on the location of the gorillas. Trekking gorillas therefore requires someone who is physically fit because it involves walking and hiking long distances during the search.

After the experience, you will be served with lunch at the lodge and then head to visit the Iby’iwacu cultural village which is an initiative for reformed poachers. They will entertain you with traditional music and dances, meals, art and craft for Kinyarwanda culture.

Day 8: Transfer to Nyungwe national park.

Head to Nyungwe national park known to host the 13 primates and these includes our fellow cousins the chimpanzees that share 98% blood DNA. This park has a lot of biodiversity such as the different tree species since it’s a rain forest, mammal species which are big and small, unique bird species among others. Have a good time while on the journey to this park with an option of visiting Lake Kivu an amazing lake located on the boarder of D.R. Congo. Take a short boat cruise and then you will proceed to the park of Nyungwe forest.

Day 9: Chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk.

Have briefing and the driver guide will take you to the briefing point where chimpanzee trekking starts from. The park ranger will lead the briefing as the warden cross checks the trekking permits. Briefing is important and it covers aspects like the chimpanzee behaviors, the dos and don’ts like the do not make noise, do not mimic because you don’t know what the chimpanzees are communicating among others.

You will the head into the forest to start the search with a help of a fully armed park ranger well knowledgeable about this forest of Nyungwe and its habitats. After setting the chimpanzees your eyes for the first time, the stop watch will start counting for an hour and this will reward you with the best memories. Overall time for trekking can be between 2 to 4 hours but worth it and this depends on the location of the chimpanzees.

Have lunch head for another exciting experience of canopy walk where the roads are suspended on the height of 70m and the length being 160m. This bridge grants you an aerial view of Nyungwe forest and a chance to see different primates like the black and white colobus monkeys, red colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, Vervet monkeys and many others, the birds will be in air and in the forest singing and this will create everlasting memory after 2 to 3 hours of experience.

Day 10: Transfer back to Kigali and fly back home.

On this day, you will be served with breakfast and then check out of the lodge, straight away head to Kigali city. The driver guide will take you to the international airport after lunch or any time depending on your scheduled flight.


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